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Welcome to Frank Holder, a website dedicated to men named Frank Holder! There are numerous Frank Holders who have and are doing amazing things around the world. Perhaps the most famous Frank Holder is the jazz musician, who played as a member of the John Dankworth band in the United Kingdom in the 1950s. This particular Frank Holder was known as an amazing scatter, and he’s still playing now. However, there are many other Frank Holders who are doing amazing things. One Frank Holder is an artist who uses his background in dance to create fluid sculptures that have been shown around the United States (in New York, Florida, and North Carolina) and stand regularly in several botanical gardens. To continue the artistic theme, there is another Frank Holder, Reginald Frank Holder, who has written several books about the history of Australia, one who founded an urban comedy radio show called The Humor Mill, and yet another who works as a video editor in Liberia. On the opposite end of the spectrum, one Frank holder works in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Territory Manager, and another works as a Systems Support Analyst for Wells Fargo. Browse the individual pages of the website to discover more about the Frank Holders of the world! 

Lieutenant Frank Holder

Lieutenant Frank Holder

Gallery - First world war: The day the Zeppelin fell from the skies over Suffolk, crashing into a field along the coast

Shot down by aircraft from Orfordness, 16 of a Zeppelin’s crew died as it fells blazing into a Suffolk field. Don Black looks at its short life in World War I and tells of flying in a new Zeppelin from the place in Germany where this story began.

Frank Holder, Founder of the Humor Mill

Frank Holder

Founder of the Humor Mill

Frank Holder is the founder and head of Humor Mill, a comedy talk radio show broadcasted out of Los Angeles, California. Holder founded The Humor Mill because he noticed that there was a severe lack of urban comedy on the radio, and he wanted to provide a place for urban comedians to showcase their humor as well as a place for people who don't necessarily have access to sattelite radio to tune in for a laugh. 

Thomas Frank Holder, Jr, General Manager

Thomas Frank Holder, Jr, General Manager

Thomas Frank Holder Jr. is the General Manager at LNS Studios in Liberia. As part of his work as the General Manager, Thomas Frank Holder designs motion graphics, directs, and edits. He is a graduate of Ame Zion University. 

Frank Holder, Territory Manager

Frank Holder

Territory Manager

 Frank Holder is a Territory Manager at Salix Pharmaceuticals in Kendall Park, New Jersey. He attended St. Peter's College and was previously a Diabetes Sales Specialist at Bristol-Myers Squibb and a Specialty Sales Representative at Impax Laboratories. 

Frank Holder, Systems Support Analyst

Frank Holder

Systems Support Analyst

Frank Holder is a Systems Support Analyst in Fixed Income at Wells Fargo. The winner of a 2012 Wells Fargo Golden Spoke award for Securities, Holder is responsible for first line support of fixed income trading system applications in a production environment. Holder attended Appalacian State University and has previous experience working as a controls engineer and Project Engineer at Keiltronix Inc, and as a Senior Systems Analyst at both INVISTA and Performance Fibers.

Reginald Frank Holder, Author

Reginald Frank Holder 

Reginald Frank Holder is an Australian historian and author who wrote Australian production at the crossroads, published in 1952, and Bank of New South Wales: A History, published in 1970.

Frank Holder, Sculptor

Frank Holder


Frank Holder is an artist and sculptor with a background in dance, theater, and botany. His early work was predominantly created with metal, but now his sculptures are created using multiple mediums and formats. Holder’s art has been presented across the United States in North Carolina, Florida, and New York City.

Frank Holder, Jazz Musician

Frank Holder

Jazz Musician

Frank Holder is a jazz musician who rose to fame in the 1940s and 50s in the United Kingdom. Known for his talent as a scatter, Holder’s music career has lasted over 75 years, and he has played with some of the greats in Jazz, folk, and calypso music.  

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